Friday, August 26, 2011

Potato, potahto

SL sailing is nice and easy; Lean back with your favourite coffee cup, grab the mouse and click a little to sail. Hit F1 to shout "Protest". F2 to hoist the spinnaker. F3 to gybe it. No sore arms from pulling sheets and halyards. Couch potatoes will love sailing a modern fourty-footer like this, and that's why I call it couch potato sailing. Not to be mean; Only to be fair :-)
This is SL; I can still answer the phone.
Real sailing is nice and easy too; Heel over, grab your favourite brand of beer, and if your boat is properly balanced, you will only need to adjust the tiller occasionally to sail. That might not be entirely true for a Moth, but many other real boats feature couch potato sailing; So there... Potato, potah-to. However, it can be the excact opposite too; Gybing 90m2 of spinakker in 12m/s wind can be both tough and wet.
This is RL. The cellphone is no good here.
Often the spinpole is flying over your head, so pushing the pole forward and in place takes both muscle and  training. Me, I am often on my toes to reach the spinpole, so when a wave hits, I am flying too. Anyway, I am out sailing. Please leave a message after the tone, and have a grreat weekend.

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