Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Missing action

Luckily I am not missing in action; I am just missing the action. Yes, I know spring is here, but it seems the temperatures arent rising. The past few mornings, the lawn has been icy. The car too. So, I logged into the virtual world to get some virtual sun and water, and what did I see?
A handfull of lasers disorderly thrown on the beach at Tradewinds.That didn't help much. The itch is there, and it's growing; I need blue water and sunshine and possibly a close race too.
See? There's wind. It's a perfect day for a race. Now, where's that calendar with the racing announcements. Hmm... While I look for that, I'll go sit in my boat and relax a bit and not think about work. Ahh, there it is. On the Tradewinds site.
Mondays at 1300? If that's SL time, it's around midnight CET. Hmm, I wonder if that calendar is updated. We'll see. I definately gotta make my way back into some racing action, cause I just can't wait another six weeks for RL racing to begin. Catch u inworld...

PS: Here's a little something to make you smile... 49er suits.

Monday, March 24, 2014

A new sailor

While I've been busy living my first life I am happy to report that virtual sailing in Second Life is still growing. New virtual sailors continue to arrive:
Sailing in Second Life
Check it out over at mirrorworld. There's also a report from a Laser race over there. (It's in Danish).