Friday, January 21, 2011

Moth spotted in the Blake Sea

I once saw a Moth. In RL that is. I was on a holiday. It was out there, and I was on shore, so no contact. I have had wet dreams ever since. What is it? First up... its real. Check the Moth website. It is the craziest little sailing device I have ever seen. Never mind the AC and their giant plastic bugs. This one is wayyy beyond those silly monsters. The Moth is the essence of being fast, furious and free. Unfortunately, I've never seen a Moth where I live, but then one day...
Noodle to tower: Clear the runway. Now!

I arrived at Tradewinds Yacht Club to get my usual kicks sailing, and what do I see? Yup. You guessed it. A Moth! Just waiting to sail away. Clickety-click and weeeeee.... off I went. It is by far the fastest boat I ever sailed inworld. In a matter of minutes I made it from Tradewinds to the southern parts of Blake. Phew. This boat is a blast, a stinger missile. A CO2 neutral rocketship. I sailed back up to the Atlantic starting line in about thirty seconds, where I met some oldtimers wasting time in prehistoric piles of wood.
Hey look! Are they dead or do they just sit still?
They weren't dead yet. One even asked me about my boat, while I roared past them. I decided to be nice and stopped to say hi. They told me they were training for a race. Yeah right! Like a snail race for grandmas? Told them the action and the fun is at TYC, and then I started the engines again. Gotta tell you... the Blake Sea really is too small for a Moth. In many ways :-D Whatever course you set, you will hit the edge before you can spell "Tradewinds Rocks".
Back home after a crazy flight around the Blake Sea.
Atlantic in the rear mirror. After a few seconds I was south of Schiffsratten, home of the Shelly Fizz. Barely saw their clubhouse before I was gone with the wind. Changed to a northerly course, et voila... In less than a minute I was back home. Does this thing come with a helmet and airbags? I wonder if I can outsail my Apache helicopter, hehe. I am definately gonna get me one of these. SL and RL. Whoa, what a ride.


  1. Hey Noodles,

    Us real life mothies are wondering who you are (and I think many are bored in winter and have the hots for you)
    Did you see this one?
    Would you want to "out" yourself?



  2. Greetingz "Dr.Winnips"!

    May I think about it? I might have reasons for not blowing my cover.

    About the hots. Hmm, you're kinda cute yourself.
    I guess a guy crazy enough to do winter-mothing is crazy enough for me. Besides you are just about the right age.

    May I ask, - are you a slow starter, - beginning to sail after turning 20? Then again you might have a great finish, since you went from Zeeschouw to Moth, hehe. I kinda like that.



  3. Hi Noods,

    Well, my photos are just my avatar ;) I think the moth world is craving to offer you a ride on a real moth [grin]
    I don't start slow, but discovered real sailing when I was 20, then sailed keelboats, then discovered capsizing and ludicrous speeds are fun. So started moth sailing ;)



  4. The real thing starts tomorrow in the "back of my garden". We have a Moth Regatta here in SL, top sailors from GER and DEN are coming. Some are already assembling their boats under the street lights. Looking forward to some fun and foiling.
    smooth Sailing!

  5. Hope u had a great race with no crashes. I was in my bikini this weekend, and my bikini was in the North Sea. 11.8 degrees celcius. Brrrr.


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