Monday, May 30, 2016

More friggin awesome sailing

Decided to pop in and have a look at "things" at TradewindsYC. It was kinda quiet. I suppose Ahab just cleansed it good after the latest boatshow. One thing was interesting though... this:
Uh, oh... a modern boat
This one's new to me; Not that I am surprised to find new stuff after being away almost since Christmas. It's not just new in SL. It is also new in RL. It is a very modern boat. Looks like a racer but it is big enough to provide that fabeled mega-trailer interior as well...

That's what we call a cruiser/racer. Many attempts have been made to fuse these two into one. Many of these attempts compromise too much and end up being neither. This here is probably one of the best blends available right now. It's gonna be interesting to see if it sticks, or if people deem it too lively for family-cruising.