Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back to sailing

So Vincenzo Onorato backs out. It's really not a subject that fits on this blog, and then again... It is all about the sailing isn't it? Let's see what he said, Vincenzo:
Back to sailing, or is it too old-school?
"In our sport, men in blazer have overcome by now those in oilskins, I'm a man in oilskin and when I go in the sea, I want to win. I’m not interested in a hopeless challenge, I would lie to the sponsors, to our fans and last but not least also to myself."

I think I like that guy. Let's get the sailing back into sailing. Let's get rid of the suits, so that we can compete (wo)man to (wo)man. I so prefer to win with sore arms and wet feet from sailing over a sore throath (and bank account)  from talking to my lawyer. Or is it too much old school? I think not.


  1. Hi Noodles,
    you should á been here at Moth Fest in Spain. It is like you said: (wo)man to (wo)man and lot´s of fun. 40 Mothies from all over Europe and no Blazers. Organized by sailors, for sailors. Read the Blogs at the Intern. Moth site if you are interested in this RL experience. Smooth sailing. M

  2. The pictures sure look like pure sailing, no suits. I like.

  3. Oilskins? yes! Blazers? no! And Helmets? No!

  4. You're absolutely right. No helmets! Larry is changing the rules, the game and the 100+ year old concept of yacht-racing. It is a circus; Drama, injury and therefore TV viewers included. I am not sure I like it.


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