My story

I've been many places, seen many things. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. Ok, perhaps that wasn't me. Still, SL is an amazing place, and I was in fact on the moon, on mars and on Tatooine... in less than two hours. I was kinda clueless about the Tatooine thing. My BF on the other hand, he found it very interesting. I think he was worried about me meeting that Harrison Ford character.
I could go on and on about shoes, shirts, pants, hair, eyes, skins, lingerie and what's inside, and I would really like to, but... That's not the issue here... Its just a few shots and a few comments from my first rezday (birth) a few years back till now.
A very young and shy Noodle
Above you see a rather young and shy Noodle at her favourite place, Tranquility Garden. Sadly, this place does not exist any more. Breaks my heart. Such a beautiful place. Thanx to Poppy Teskat for creating it. At the time I was a complete freebie-girl, in the sense that I hadn't spent a single L$ on anything. If you have time, you can find allmost anything a girl needs for free.. Yes - that too, but thats really too easy; No need to go there. The dress I found at the french speaking Seychelles. Very nice place. Sun, sand, sea... Oh, and cute guys with a funny accent ;-)
A much more confident Noodle
Above is a much more confident Noodle. Still freebeing I enjoyed good music, good people and the nice laid back setup at the Sleek Beach Club. I am a bit on the skinny side. Didn't really notice at the time, and all the little boys seemed to love my shape; They kept asking: Do you look like that in RL. Naturally, I said yes and danced the night away with them. Did gain some weight since. Love that top. Still have it right here ;-) Not sure where I found it; Same goes for the flowery jeans.

Me "noodling" around in a flower field.
Here I am again; Exploring the beautiful place of Forest Feast with new hair and a new outfit. Hair is a subject of matter. There are millions of free hairs to get, and you can be blond or brunette, short and orderly or long and wild. Takes a few mouse clicks to switch. I liked my first hair, but it was stiff... No wind effect, no gravity. Need gravity for realistic hair. Elsewhere on the body we can easily do without gravity, though the bouncy boobs are fun. Ofcourse I can't really feel the effect myself, but I sure can see the effect it has on the little boys. Speaking of boobs... The top is semitransparent, so I had to go look for lingerie in order to make the guys behave. 

Dancing at SOL.
Flowers are nice. In fact the gardening and decoration options are endless - and fantastic in SL. The clubbing scene is good too... There was a place called the "6th element"; Kinda hardcore clubbing... lotsa people with an attitude. Found another club with a nice laid back style: SOL. Palms, sand dunes, nice music and sweet people. Here I am testing a new top at SOL. It spells "Be my Valentine" on the back. The front says "Yummy"; Or thats what the little boys told me.
Nursing my virtual hangovers.
After a clubbing night, one might need some relaxing. Plenty of places where you can hang out, chill out  and just relax. This here is actually a Gentlemens Club of a friend, but I was visiting and chilling outside opening hours. No sleazy dudes, thx. After a while in SL you figure out where not to go. Jerk free territory. I learned that places with a dress code are good. Franks Jazz has a dresscode - and a bouncer. Really nice place, if you want a night out with dressed up people, music and conversation. The guys are in tux or similar. The girls are in long dresses or very short dresses. All the usual suspects are there... the lonely girl in the corner, the party queen, the nextdoor daughter, the funny guy, the reserved guy, the drunk, u get the picture...

Me and a friend in my brand new Flying Fizz.
Here I am again. This time with my new hair, a new top, low cut jeans, my brand new Flying Fizz and a new friend I just met at Tradewinds. She loved sailing. I love showing people the fun of sailing; Perfect match for an afternoon in the Blake Sea. Virtual Coke and fries included.
The art-scene is definately worth exploring.
So many things to do. Dancing, gardening, sailing... there is even politics, but who needs that. SL is - in my mind - supposed to be a better place ;-) I recently discovered there is an art-scene. Jake took me - by boat - to this place. Reminds me of RL, where I can also sail to a museum of modern art. In RL I can also have a coffee afterwards. After all the impressions here, - I kinda miss the cafeteria. Would be nice to sit and chat with friends about the pieces on display, while enjoying a coffee and the view over the sea.

Ahh, the sea... I keep coming back to that. To me the sailing in SL is key. When the weather is bad in RL, I can always go for a sunny sail to a remote island in SL. The scenery and the sailing is good enough for me to enjoy it on my own. Sharing the experience with a friend makes it even better. Here's a view over the sea at Seagull Islands.
Seagull Islands
That sunset simply leaves me breathless. So many boats, so many islands. So many lagoons, so many sunsets. So many cats, so few recipies...

Let's get out there...