Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Planetside ??

Yesterday I watched a clip from the Extreme Series. Not very interesting. It was from a river somewhere in Portugal. The river was like 70 meters wide; The wind was crazy and turbulent, and it really didn't look much like a sailboat race. However, the speaker kept chanting how big a success this event was and then the camera panned over the crowd. Future of sailing. Duh.
Planetside II Warriors?
Then I read in the paper that Tom "Maverick" Cruise had visited the AC circus arena. Wooohooo. I even found a clip of that too. Tom seemed to like it. I quickly decided not to blog about it; It just seems so irrellevant to real sailing, but then Bea posted the above picture on the slboatporn site with an interesting question. Hmm...

I say: If this is sailing then why the heck do they look like troopers from Planetside II or something? Or is this really a shot from Top Gun?

Summer sailor

lazy winds blowing
choppy waves and clear blue sky
bow splash lullaby

Had a beautiful day at sea in the dreaded first life. There's a few pics over at my tumblr for those who care... Besides, I promised Bea to post some real life sailing pics from my summer cruise.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Talent required

Never saw this one before:
It must require direct injection of a potion labelled super-sailor or sum-ding... I wonder how many 360ies u need to clear this :-D

To all sailors, virtual or physical, have a great summer... I'll be out there trying hard to avoid the above situation, teehee.