Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's still there

Logged in to check up on stuff... See if SL Sailing is still there, and it is. First I met these two sailorgirls. One had a Nacra 17 covered with Oracle stickers. The other one had a Flying Catfish 33. I highly recommended the Nacra 17, but the Catfish was kinda new to them, so they went for it...
Fair winds
Then I rezzed my Laser and sat down to enjoy the sunrise for a while. The sunrise at Tradewinds is still spectacular. The sunrise in SL generally is. Some say the red colour is really caused by polution. Dunno if that's true in RL, but it can't be in SL :-D Anyway, here's another couple of sunrises from SL. Here's a couple of shots from a beautiful early morning sail. Oh and I won't forget the Viking ship either.
Sunrise at Tradewinds
Not much happened for a few minutes, but then I smiled as the sweet Samlara said hi. We talked a about about this and that and kids and stuff. Always nice to hear what's going on inworld. Sadly she had to run to RL. We all have to do that on occassions.
So there I was. Laser, water, sunset, me... perfect sailing conditions... I cruised around for a while, and then I popped into RL again. Nice to know it's still there... the sailing, Tradewinds, the people. I kinda miss it all. Got to find more time for playing... maybe even do a cup once in a while. A virtual one. There's one running right now... "Second Sol". It seems there's no Tradewinds team in the game, and the qualifications just closed. Read all about it on Janes site, here. Also, check the scores: "Grumpy Old Mens Yacht Club". I wonder how Ronin qualified for that, hehe.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Coup d'cup failure

Finally someone comes clean and states the obvious. Now it is not just Dean Barker and Vincenzo Onorato; A sports columnist over at Bloombergs is doing it too. Wondering WTF is going on with the Americas Cup.
That auld mug
Here's the link to that Bloomberg column by a Jonathan Mahler. The title is "How Larry Ellison Is Destroying the America's Cup". Talk about disruptive innovation. Gaaaaah. I'll just add: Lets put the sailing back into sailing.

Friday, June 7, 2013

New sailing blogs

While I've been busy in RL, - get back to that, SL is still there, still running. Check out this guy, Aeran Stipe. He's chosen to paddle around the waters of SL. There's a few good shots there, and there's charts and the paddlestories of an explorer.
A chart full of familiar names
It is not so much the kayaking, though I'd love to do that in the early morning before going to the office; It's the locations. Aeran seem to have a nose for good locations. I'll pop over there from time to time, and check out, if there's a location that needs to be sailed. With sails ;-)

Then there's Jaspars log. It's here. It kinda looks like a logbook of a happy sailor experiencing the happiness and the opposite of virtual sailing in SL. Good shots and descriptions of places and boats.
Me, - I need to sail too, but right now, the weather is way too good for virtual sailing. Sea ya ;-)