Monday, August 8, 2011

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Right. These pictures really need no comments. They clearly speak for themselves, and I will let them...
Flying Fizz on a beat
Let me just say, that the Flying Fizz provides a very intense and realistic sailing experience; One of the best available. Any RL sailor will feel right at home.
Downwind building up speed
Naturally, it adds to the experience that Marin knows precisely how to handle the jib and when to hoist the gen, when and how to hike, and when and how to adjust the power of the sails. You can adjust the depth of the sails individually.
The Fizz was born with an on board speedpuck
I don't really need to tell you, we had a great time, do I? More on that later, in a post called Destination Paradise or sum-ding. If you never tried the Fizz, then get one at Tradewinds Yacht Club. It is free, and it is great fun. And if you keep capsizing, I'll be glad to help. If the Fizz is just too much, try the Baby Sloop.

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