Monday, August 15, 2011

J-Class relaxation

Logged in to get some sunshine. The RL weather continues to be grey and rainy. By chance I met this guy out to test his boat, so here we are, - sailing across the Blake Sea. Winds not too strong. Perfect opportunity for me to get some sun.
Me on a J-Class from Trudeau
Besides, I never sailed a J-Class in SL before. It was kinda nice. The sails are flat like a pancake though. Too bad. Such a pretty boat, otherwise. I guess an update will take care of that.
Coconut Island? Nope, Windlass...
After a while we reached the southside of Blake. Sandy beaches with palmtrees began to pop up everywhere. Just what I needed. Set relaxation to one hundred percent, take off the helmet (!) and enjoy quite the opposite of Extreme Sailing. Ahh... those dreams... 
Relaxation set to 100%
On a day like this, Second Life ain't too bad. In fact, the weather in SL is usually a tad better than in RL, but enough talking... there is RL racing to do. After all they said the sun would pop out later today. Thanx for the ride, Ravin.

If you're a sucker for classics, you might wanna check the Bolero, the Trudeau One and the Folkboat.

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