Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dear Sailing Gods

Dear Sailing Gods!

I hope you enjoy sunny weather, a fair breeze and your favorite coctail onboard your no doubt luxurious leisure yachts up there or where ever you are. I try to imagine a modified Wally 1001 with an intergallactic Volvo Penta S-drive or something, but that's probably not even close.
Down here, we're not that lucky. In RL we've now seen 6 or 7 consecutive weeks with bad wind, too much rain and day temperatures between 13 and 19 degrees Celcius. One night in july the temperature went down to 8C. That's like february temperatures. Rainy, unstable and windy weather all summer! What is going on? Where's that global heating?
Writing a complaint
So instead of sailing in RL and praising the good weather and the good Sailing Gods, I now find myself lying here on my virtual boat writing a complaint. How's that? I mean really? Are you trying to force me off the real live ocean and into the virtual counterpart?
Finally sunshine
Well, I got news for you guys up there. Real sailing is in fact way better than virtual sailing, but you need to fix the weather. Seriously. People here on earth will turn away from both real sailing and real Sailing Gods; Be adviced that in virtual sailing there are virtual Sailing Gods. Obviously.
Perhaps I just need to unwind a bit
Oh no, this is not a threat. I'd never dare to threaten you guys. I am just observing. Yes Sir! That's what I do. In case you need help with the fixing let me just tell you this: My friend Craig was so good as to show me an article about the sun cooling down. Our sun. For the next 300 years or so. That's no fun. No, I didn't bother finding that link. It was depressing enough to read it once. You'll need to google it. I suppose you have internet. After you've googled it then please please pretty please... fix it.

Checkout from Noodle aboard Unwind, currently anchored in Dex, SL.