Saturday, February 13, 2016

Something beautiful

Just strolling along the piers at Tradewinds. Nothing on my mind. This beauty was moored there. Had to sit down and admire the woodwork...
Port side
A click revealed it is some sort of beta version from ReneMarine. It reminds me just a little bit of the RM8; Another very pretty build from Rene.
Starboard side
I've been kinda offline lately, so maybe this has already been launched. Dunno. Next time I'll go look for at testsail at Renes boat yard. Something this beautiful isn't meant for mooring. It's meant for sailing.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The coolest opti

This is just the coolest opti I ever saw - SL and RL. Kevlar everything and ads as if it was part of the AC craze...
Coolest opti ever
It is (ofcourse) a Shelly Fizz with a nice "paintjob". Found it at WYC, Waypoint Yacht Club. Go check it out. Way cool...

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Sailing Simulator

This is so not related to SL, but nevertheless... There's a brand new Sailing Simulator under way, and it does a number of things that we've dreamt of in SL for a long time.
Would you believe this to be the ingame view?
 It's not ready for prime time just yet, but from what can be seen on the website it seems to be ahead of its time and ahead of its competitors...
Check the video, and be carefull if you have seasick tendecies.... If I should descibe it with just one word it would be "Jawdropping". Yes, jawdropping it is... and then Obi-Wan says "Navigate the World!". Amazing...
... and this?
Real world, real wind, real waves..? I wonder if it comes with real currents too... Read all about it on the website.