Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SL never sleeps

One of the fun things about SL is that time never stops. Some games stop, while you're AFK; Others stop completely the minute you press ESC and click quit. That goes for most sailing simulators too. This one is very different, so one month of AFK and all kinds of interesting stuff has happened.
Not just a zodiac
On rare occasions stuff disappears; I still remember that beautiful little island called Tranquility Island. Not really a sailing area; More of a relaxation area... well, there was a rowboat, but other than that it was butterflies, waterfalls, flowers and tall trees. All spiced up with a raft, a swing, fireworks, treehuts, fishing, and a treasure hunt... However, on most occasions there's been new and wonderfull stuff created.
This time was no exception, and I am sailing one of the new things here with Ana. The really cool thing about this zodiac wasn't quite finished at the time. It was operational, but I promised not to tell, so I won't; It's probably been released by now, but a promise is a promise. One of these days I'll have to login and try it again. But right now, - wooohoooo... the snow is gone in RL, and the sailing season is just about to begin... It's time to tack hard and eat hard tacks; Ocean sprayed.