Thursday, December 8, 2016

Paul is gone

Sad times. Paul Elvstrøm has left us for good, and he is now cruising elsewhere. Can't believe it's true. Ever since I was a little kid splashing around in my Opti, Paul Elvstrøm was the master of the sport, the legend of all times, the super-sailor every kid wanted to meet...
Paul as most of us remember him
Despite his busy schedule Paul took time to teach us kids about trim and tactics. We might not have picked it all up; I mean, how much tactics and theory can a 10 year old brain absorb? What I do remember though is his preaching of keen awareness in everything you do. Leave nothing to chance...

Paul won four Olympic golds in succession from 1948 to 1960 plus 13 world championships in 8 different boat classes. The list goes on and on... as he was in the Olympics eight times. The most recent one was in 1988, aged 60, when he sailed the Tornado with his daughter, Trine.
A much younger Paul
Paul took sailboat racing to a whole new level in so many ways. He trained hard - physically - even during winter. He invented the bailer, and he was the first to put hiking straps in his boat enabling him to keep the boat levelled and sail faster in stronger winds. Apart from that he was also able to keep his head out of the boat, - meaning... finding the fastest path around the course.

A true legend has left us, but legends never really die... R.I.P. and see you on the other side, eventually.