Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What is a Flying Fizz anyway?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a boat! And the hull is a rather important part of a boat. Here's three different ones. They look alike, but they're really quite different. One is sculpted, two are meshed, so they weigh in differently.
Front view
From this angle they appear to be very identical. There are slight differences in the smoothness of the hull. The boat on the right seems to need a bit of fairing. Boat two has some kind of difference on the edge... it is as if the overhang is smaller or missing even...
Top view
The top view shows almost identical shapes, length, beam and sidedeck. The middle boat seem to have a more slender bowsprit. Oh, and there is a windex at the mast top. Woohooo. Visible wind. It appears that boat number two is missing that "traction-tape" on the side where you sit.
Side view
Let's check the mast rake with a side view; Hmm. Rather identical. Whatever happened to that weird island in the back I dunno. Again, boat number three seems to need some fairing. Maybe the shrouds are a bit too fat on boat three too. Detail, details, details...


  1. Anu's rendition of the Fizz hull is missing in your comparison. She made the most spectacular and pretty hull yet.It's available from her freebies container.

  2. You mean the reshaped zodiac with the inverted bow? I'll add that plus lots more in a future post ;-)

  3. A working windex? Really? Wow. That is a great improvement. Someone's been working to improve the already great Fizz.

  4. Now i must get anu's one, where cna i find it?


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