Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Manuls Ten is going freebie

This just arrived in my mailbox: Manuls beautiful Ten is going freebie... Woohooo! If ever you wanted a superclassy boat for cruising with a friend this is it. It offers smooth sailing, easy handling and it's a neck turner.
I'm in love :-D
Talk about raising the barre. I mean... when I think back to my first rez day and what was available for sailing back then. OMG this is so much better. More sailing pictures and a few words on sailing the Ten here...


  1. Mmmmm, I really should sail her more often. But that BWind script makes for quite boring sailing after a while. Maybe Manul should make a Fizz version as well. Or let's put Qyv's script in :)

  2. Orca, in the last days, somewhere on social media, I saw a pic of you where you sailed a TEN which looked like a very early version to me, if I am right. I will drop the latest one with BWind 2 into your Inv inworld.


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