Saturday, September 27, 2014

A quantum leap

These pictures were taken just a few days - if not one day - after the first sailing session with Rich in the Baby Sloop II. Talk about a leap forward...
Bad trim, bad balance
Here we are, - not perfectly balanced and those telltails aren't excactly indicating supertrim, but it's work in progress. We're in novice mode, which means steering and sheet trimming by the helmsman. 
Next mode adds balancing: Both sailors can move about and influence the heeling.
Good trim, bad balance
We didn't get to the next mode aka Competition Mode. Instead here's a shot where the telltails look really good. The balance is not perfect, but hey... We're in novice mode, so we're not responsible for the balance, remember :-D
Bad trim, good balance
In this picture we've got the balance right, but now the trim is less than optimal. The windward telltail says too tight or sumthing... hard to tell from this angle. Anyway, it was fun sailing, and it is always nice to see the smile grow wider everytime something new about sailing is discovered, understood and put to work.

Here's more on the Flying Fizz telltails, and here's more on the Flying Fizz.

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