Monday, September 22, 2014

RC fun

It's getting colder out there in the first life, so I logged in to se what's new in the second one. Never got to the news though. I met this guy at the pier and he was sailing his Baby BBK RC. I looked for a while and then I remembered that I had one. Somewhere.
Couldn't remember the name of the darn thing, so I browsed like crazy in my inventory and finally... Found it! Ripped it out of the inventory and soon after we raced around the yellow buoy out there on the left.
Round and around and...
It's a little bit tricky. You see the transmitter can only reach the boat while in the same simulator. That means 250 meters or so. Max. On the far side of the yellow buoy there's only a couple of meters to the sim border. Hit that and you loose control. Game over.
Yes, they are small
It was so much fun. Thanx for the sailimg, Noran. I loved it. Since we talked about the real thing, heres a link to a clip with the real thing. The jib looks a bit strange on the real thing. For balancing purposes the real RC boats usually use a jib boom that sorta sticks out. This is commonly seen on both 1meters and Seawinds and more.

Here's a bit more on virtual RC sailing.


  1. Ha, Ha, A nice short write-up on RC sailing. I actually got my start in sailing on small RC boats. I've got a Kyosho. I've had a couple of others, as well. I talked my friend into getting one, and sailing each Saturday on a small pond at the local park.Then my friend got a 22 foot Spindrift. That was the last time they saw us at the park. While RC sailing is a blast, it pales in comparison to sailing a real boat.

    1. I started in small boats too, though they were a bit bigger than the 3 foot Kyosho. More like 7 feet or so :-D I tried one of those Kyosho thingies in RL, and it is a fun toy. The One meter class seems to be more serious. Toys still but much more costly. Great fun when it's too cold for real sailing.


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