Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Opposites attract?

Here's just s few fun shots of me mothing around the Tradewinds waters passing a boat that - in so many ways - is kinda the opposite of a Moth. It's classic, classy, heavy and it is rather slow even though it has many masts and many sails...
Through the looking glass :-D
That said, it looks like a nice build and I kinda guessed it was a Renebuild. I am not quite sure what convinced me of that, but sometimes it is as if the builders have a certain signature. I shouted at the skipper over there and asked, and sure enough...
Almost a Rene boat
Well, almost sure enough. It's from ReneMarine, but actually it's built by her partner, Jethro. He has a thing for oldtimers such as this. Here's a few shots of another boat of his, the Skipjack. Anyway, the lil Moth here is faster than most boats and wayyyy faster than this one, so I sailed in circles and got me a few pics.
There's a big flag
Suddenly there was a big flag waving at me. Huge actually. Hmm... It is good manners to have a flag when sailing, but somehow there's no flag available on the Moth. Not that I ever saw a real Moth with a nation-flag hoisted, hehe. Dingies usually don't do that.
Anyway, I thought it was kinda funny seeing these so very different beasts together. And the little new Moth? Yes, I am figuring it out. So far it's just another fun toy, but isn't that just what a Moth is?


  1. Ya, isn't it hilarious with the huge flags? I remember my sis and bro-in-law always had the German flag out, but it was small, and of course the Danish guest flag was hoisted as well. Later when they moved their boat to a marina in Denmark they had only the Danebro afaik. But s always our American friends are overdoing everything. I always break down in (angry) laughter when I see their giant flags on even the smallest vessels. Ad to that those silly biminis and windscreens, short replace taste and clue with money and you have the perfect American dream yacht :(

  2. Orcs is now OFlo? Yes, the huge flag looks silly, but I do suspect it was a joke. Still, you are right... Those Americans seem to think that size is all that matters. Finesse is a french word, right? Incidentally, I always found comfort in the fact that a Big Mac is really a pathetic little burger :-D

  3. Let me understand one thing, is not over unrealistic to have a moth that does 55 knots on sl waters prone to crash at any cross sim?

    1. I haven't tested the new Moth well enough to know the topspeed. The real Moth maxes around 34 knots, so 55 is quite unreal. 55 knots is over 100km/h or 30m/s. Just imagine a 3 second sim crossing. You'd be missing a hundred meters!! Sailing slow makes much more sense. At 5 knots a 2 second sim crossing is less than 6 meters or half a boatlength.

    2. I tested the free demo and it is pretty funny and i didnt had any crash while sailing it but i did avoid reaching the 55 knots that it did the 1st time:)
      Still for long cruises, with lots of crossing sims, and i didnt rry that, perhaps setting the speed for 8 knots will be the best.
      Now, that is a funny bird, yes it is and as there are at least to places where one can sail a demo, perhaps some races could be done as it is already on petra's handicap table.

  4. My RL boat has a bimini, and I would not have it any other way for at my more southerly latitude (compared to most of Europe) the sun is stronger, and wind is often weaker. At 34 degrees north, we are too far south for strong Westerlies, and too far north for good Tradewinds. In the summer when the air temp rises to 90 something F, (mid 30's C) the winds die down and you bake under the sun in the middle of the lake. The bimini covers the cockpit making it quite nice to sit out on the lake as you coax whatever speed you can out of the very light airs (1-2knot winds) The summer plan: sail out in the morning under light-air sails and 4 knot winds (easy sailing!), eat a picnic on the boat at mid-day when the winds give out, let the kids hop out at some island and swim, then sail back when the wind returns. The winter plan, when we typically have winds from 10 to 15 knots: join in the races and have fun! Did I say we enjoy year-round sailing? (Yeah,, Noodles, it's not nice to rub it in, especially as the northern ports begin to ice over!) SL can be a fun substitute.


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