Thursday, June 30, 2016

It's so real...

The landscape and seascape in SL can be truly amazing. It isn't always, but many places around the big oceans are really nice. Palms, blue water, small sandy bays, diving resorts and houses with their feet in the water. Some areas have loads of small islands with houses, heli-platforms and what's nuts. Here's a sample chart from an area like that somewhere in Fruit Islands:
Small islands in the North Sea
The yellow dot is me and my view. These areas are fun to sail in a small boat that sails well at a realistic speed. It takes a lot of navigation, and upwind it's really hard work to avoid spending time on the beach. Some islands allow that... Others have security systems installed and they will teleport you away. Just you. Not your boat. Anyway... the islands are sooo sweet. Here's a closer view:
This particular island was nice enough to not have an automated alarm system, so here's a shot from the garden. Just so you can get the idea of how exquisite this area is. I mean, who wouldn't wanna stay here for a weekend..?
A view from the garden
Sadly it isn't my island, and it isn't my Ushuaia moored there, but the thing is... it could be. Futhermore: Just off the coast I met Arwyn Silverweb and Cooky Swindlehurst. They were out to dive; Here's a shot of the to of them... Diving in SL is great. In fact it requires an entire series of posts to justify it... This is just off the coast of this "house-sized" island:
Diving in SL is great
The thing is, however nice these areas are, I always thought they were a virtual thing only. Not from the real world. That gave me mixed feelings about spending cash for one. Not any more. They are real. Just have a look at this one from the dreaded real world:
An island exported from SL to RL

Yes, it's real. Complete selfsustained island with pier, helipad, pool and a reef protecting it all. It's called "East Sister Rock Island", and you can see it right here on google maps. It's in the Florida Keys, and it's for sale... Get it right here. There's even a video. The only problem is... it's USD8.5M, which is more than many ppl make in a lifetime. I guess that's why they can sell the islands in SL; They'll set you back only a tiny fraction of a fraction of the real thing... Still, I know now that I need to add the Florida Keys to my bucket list.

Found one that's round and has a pier, a pool, aircon, a reef and all the other stuff except the helipad. I suppose you could set it down on the beach, but it will blast some sand around...
An island that made it from RL to SL
Yes, that's me floating in the pool... dreaming of the Florida Keys... Cheers!

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