Tuesday, June 21, 2016

An old friend

I am not always out sailing new boats. A few days ago I saw someone sailing a Tako. That's a rare sight. I suppose u never forget ur first love. The Tako wasn't mine, but...
Downwind, great balance
Seeing the Tako made me browse my memory for elderly boats. The first one that came to mind was the QSM40 from Qyv. One of the absolute first boats with curved sails. Then I came to think of the Bolero; Made by Balduin Aabye. The Bolero took a step into the future with telltails and swim animations. Very nice.
Island hopping
I loved sailing the Leetle Cat II round the North Sea. Very nice little boat. Cute too. It's probably one of Trudeaus cutest. Speaking of cute Qyv has made a few of those... The Q2M is such a sweet lil daycruiser, but the tiniest of the cutest boat still is the Q2mR.
Coastal upwind
What else was there in the old days?? Ahh, the Trudeau-One... Very nice boat. Also has a few anims and poses. Looks great too. Another great little thing was the Racing Laser by Becca. It kinda never really took off. Perhaps it was too easy to sail. Still it was a nice little beginners boat.
Looking for open waters
Then there was the virtual Moth... Oh what fun. Not an entirely finished project, but a fantastic build at the time. The Moth was sort of the opposite of the Cutter from ReneMarine. Another very nice looking boat. Beccas Baby Sloop sorta ended trip down memory lane; It was extremely popular at the time. Still a decent sail for a beginner. However, I want more action, so I launched another old friend and sailed around Pslande with a new friend. So much fun with virtual boats...

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