Friday, June 3, 2016

A new dawn?

Ok so maybe the Ushuaia doesn't excactly represent a new dawn, but still... it kinda dragged me back in to SL after a longer "vacation". It appears to be a very interesting boat. Not only does she sail well. She looks good too, and on top of that there's like a hundred fancy animations and poses.
Dawn at Tradewinds
All in all there's lots to explore and figure on and in this boat. I like it so far. It is definately one of the most complete packages I've seen in SL. Makes me feel so "Gone sailing". Better make some plans for a summercruise.
A new sailor, Austeen, popped up nearby. In picture one he sits in his Nemo in the back. He yelled hi, so I invited him over for a coffee. Too early for beer at sunrise. We had a nice non-alcoholic boat talk. Anyway, the Ushuaia comes complete even with a built-in espresso machine. I could definately live with that... in RL. Check the real thing too... it's called ELAN S5. Espresso machine not included... Cheers, and have a great weekend.

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