Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Ten from Manul

A few weeks ago I happened to see the beautiful Ten moored at Tradewinds YC. Yesterday I sailed it  with its constructor, - and I was not disappointed. It's truely a true beauty at sea. Probably one of the best looking virtual boats available in SL. I am sure many will agree:
The Ten 
I have covered a few boats by now. Pretty ones too. The Virtual Dragon is one of them. The Virtual Laser is another. This one is different. It is the first of its kind in a certain respect. See if you can guess what I mean, or read on for the answer. 
Upwind is a breeze
Why did an absolutely great looking boat, such as the Ten, never go into mass production? It's because Manul is not really into that. He just builds out of love for sailing. Obviously. Now, - I can make no promises, but it is springtime, and I did hear the birds sing a little song about the Ten...
Somewhere south of Tradewinds
The Ten is - according to the constructor - inspired by the H-Boat and the Soling. I immediately saw the Soling part, but I'll admit I also saw Knarr and Dragon. All four I know from my RL waters, and that's probably why the Ten makes me feel right at home. 
Smooth sailing downwind as well
She sails like a charm. Easy to handle. Probably due to the BWind sailing-engine. It's not the newest version, but it is still good. However, I can't help thinking how she would sail with the latest and greates from Becca. Dreams, you might say. True, but dreams are at the beginning of every change, are they not?
Dreaming about boats
Just click this image, and tell me you wouldn't wanna be on that boat. Be honest. Are you back from the high rez image? It's a good thing wooden boats are easy to maintain in a virtual world, hehe. Hundreds of hours were never spent to make her shine like that.
Back at Tradewinds... still dreaming
Seven days of sanding and painting, followed by two days of wax on, wax off... Every year. No Sir. We don't use that. But that's not what makes this boat special. Did you figure it out? You see, there are so many real boats I'd like to see replicated into virtual sailing. Like I said, this one is different. Any bells ringing?

This is an original and unique design, purely constructed and built in the virtual world. It is the first boat I'd like to see go the other way, - replicate from virtual to the real world. If I had a million, I'd call the local boatyard and ask them to build a real Ten for me. Right now. And I'd be so proud to sail it. Thanx for the ride, Manul. I loved it.


  1. I still have a very old version of the Ten in my inventory, she always was a beauty but the new version is much better textured and even beautifullerer. Yes, she reminds me on Soling but even more so on the Soling's bigger and prettier contestant, the Trias. Can't wait to see her outfitted with BWind 2.

  2. Hey, Noodles, thanks for your kind words and the well done pictures, glad you liked the sail ;)

    Yes, I also see a bit dragon in the TEN, in RL I had a wooden model RC dragon in the living room, and also see big ones a lot, so somehow that may have influenced the building process... ;) When sculpting the hull in Blender long time ago, I had Soling and H-Boat in mind, and inworld I stretched it and got more inspired by the Trias mostly, and also by the Etchells, both are awesome RL beauties:

    Enjoy ;)


  3. The Ten. A real beauty, you are right. Maybe, maybe in my old days I might fancy a 6mR. Talking about the H-Boat. It does not remind me much. Had a couple of those one after the other. Some great racing, often in DK. A Knarr is around here and I nearly, nearly thought about a restoration project but than, life has changed.

  4. Whoa, I learned something here... Never really knew the Tria or the Etchell. They both look so much like a bigger Soling. Totally. Thanx for the links. The Etchell video has beautiful shots of a big start. It is funny how an old rule like the R continues to create fantastic boats, e.g. the 2.4mR. The true R-boats are also still amazingly pretty.

  5. Hey Noodles, glad you liked the links ;)

    Here is another one, showing a scan of an old article in a sailing mag, including cool Trias pictures:

    Enjoy :)


  6. The TEN is a beautiful and fun boat to sail. Thanks for those very enjoyable and informative video links Manul. The only boat I've ever sailed in RL that is only slightly similar to TEN is the Star class. The sail plan is similar but the hull is quite different, having hard chines (I think that's what the flat sides and a flatish bottom are called). I wish that more RL boats were available as virtual boats in SL, especially the smaller boats that RL sailors can afford to buy and sail without the backing of a YC or syndicate. Those are the boats that we SL sailors are more likely to be familiar with and enjoy sailing in SL.


    1. Hi Laycee, - let's name those real and affordable boats; Off the top of my head I miss the Yngling, the Finn, the X79, the 29er and also a good 470 or 505. I've sailed (and posted about) a virtual Laser, but it is in bad need of an update... What's your thoughts?


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