Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dragon under sail

Enough talk. Let's sail. The Virtual Dragon is still just a prototype, so there are a few missing details.
Set sails
Building a classic such as the Dragon is a daunting task. So many eyes will see it. So many eyes will know how the original looks.
 The balance is good. Very good, but maybe not very realistic. Look mum... no hands...
Smooth sailing
It's smooth sailing allright. I left the tiller and crawled below deck. Guess what I found!?
That's right, - an old bag. I opened it and woohoo, there was a spinnaker inside, and sheets too.
Telltales? Not yet...
So, it sails quite well for a prototype. Ofcourse I have a list of todos. Some things are major issues. Some are in the nitty gritty department.
Better get back to Vic and tell him: I like.
Here's my list: Sheets, telltales, battens, strut, less angled spreaders, realistic sailshapes, flapping, a few hull inacuracies, hinges for the rudder, wake, a compass and maybe she floats just a tad too high. Anything else? Check the photos in full screen and don't be afraid to leave comments. I will tell Vic. I know he wants it to be accurate.
The proud builder on the right
Anyway, I enjoyed the sailing. I hope you enjoyed the pics. They were made to wet your appetite. Set your inner Dragon on fire.

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  1. It is a nice build. Nice pics too. The cabin roof seems to need some work. Is there a windex or a vane anywhere? The chain plates look a little strange on these pics. It may be a LOD problem. Sails should be attached to the boom and mast. There is visible space there. I think you are right about her floating a bit too high :-)

  2. Thanx Net. I agree and I'll pass it on to Vic.


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