Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Speaking of beauty

The planes are gone. Tradewinds is back to normal. Almost. At the now relatively empty pier I found this:
It doesn't take en expert to see that this is a boat beyond the ordinary. Built with love. Screaming for salty action. I simply had to climb on board. No Harbourmaster around so here goes...
Sneaked on board
It's lovely. Asolutely lovely. Not entirely sure what type of boat it is. It appears to have elements from both the Soling, the Knarr and the Dragon. Or something like that. 10 meters of sailing pleasure.
This is what I'll dream of tonight. Taking this baby to sea. It must be a fantastic sailing machine. Todo: Call builder and ask for a trip. Till then I'll just be tripping... Talk about beauty.

Is there anything inworld even remotely as pretty as this? The Cotton Blossom perhaps? Or maybe Rene's 20m which can be seen in the last picture of this post.  


  1. This 10-Meter is not "a boat beyond the ordinary" when compared to any other craft encountered in SL. All boats to be found in these pages are beyond whats ordinarily found in FL. All of them are also perfectly maintained, unlike my own.

  2. Hey Doc,
    True, SL boats often (not always) look brand new. Assuming you wanted to type "RL" not "FL", I am still not entirely sure I know what you mean. Many boats in SL are made to look like their RL counterpart. The Q2m is a great example.

  3. "Real Life" was preferred to "First Life", in my mind. Excuse me. I quite forgot where I was.

  4. But ofcourse Doc; And make no mistake, - first life always comes first. I'll find you a few rusty old boats, that will make your FL boat look like a million dollars.


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