Monday, January 23, 2012

Seaplanes at Tradewinds

There's an amazing seaplane show at Tradewinds YC. I never gave the seaplane "genre" much thought myself, but obviously someone else did.
My favourite?
This one impressed me a lot. I am really not sure why. It's big, it's powerful, it's... ehm... yellow!? Oh, and they fly. These are not just cartoon cardboard mockups. Push the right button and all hell breaks loose when the engines start.
Hmm, which one is next?
It's not like there's a handfull or two, oh no. They seem to come in all sizes, colours and shapes. Who would have thought SL was a regular flight simulator? Here's and overview... I see thirtyfive or so...
35 Seaplanes and counting
This next one is nice too. Total classic I am told. DC3. One of the most reliable planes ever build, or that's what they say at least. I have no idea. It's from my granddad's time.
The super classic and classy DC3
 Ok, one more... just to let you see, that they aren't just fakes. This shot is from the cockpit of a C90. 
Imagine having that many gizmoes, knobs and handles in a boat. Phew. We'd need more sails, or would we? A standard aeroplane has only two sets of "sails". Are sailors left with fewer trim options than possible?  Do they have a cockpit like this on those AC cats? I mean, they do have wing-sails, and they obviously could use instruments to display the heeling angle, - maybe even fire off an alarm at a certain point.

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