Sunday, February 24, 2013

The missing boatshow post

Here's a few of those missing shots from the liveaboard boatshow back in october 2012. I've been writing so much about the Laser, I thought this would be a nice little change.
Cotton Blossom II and Bandit 27
First up is Ana's Bandit 27 and Balduins Cotton Blossom II. The Bandit fits well into the category of normal boats, and you can live on board. The Cotton Blossom is bigger but with less stuff inside. True to the original, there are only two sofas inside. More of a collectors item I'd say.
Cotton Blossom II
The finish of the Cotton Blossom is - or was at the time of it's launch - pretty much unmatched. It's really too bad Balduin Aabyes Yacht Design closed down. The sailing of the Blossom is a unique relaxed experience. There's a log, but who'd look at it in a boat like this?
Tetra 35
The Tetra 35 is much more of a live aboard, and it also qualifies as a normal boat along with the Bianca 107, the Oceanic, the Loonetta and possible a handfull of knockabout sloop type of boats such as the Trudeau One.
Here's the inside of the Loonetta. It's a fat little lady with a huge belly. Not exactly a classic beauty, but  there's loads of space inside. No wonder she's popular among camper and other tourists. The sailing feels pretty good, but there's no support for advanced sailing stuff such as local windshifts and currents.
Loonettas on the loose
Regardless, the Loonetta is everywhere. The shot above is more recent, and it's from the Marina just north of Tradewinds. There's seven or eight Loonettas in the picture and more behind me. Windvane and windmeter included. That's the sort of stuff any boat should have.
This one here is a Wildwind. To be honest I cannot remember the exact model, but the sign says "Wildwind", and the looks says "pretty nice". It's a racer of sorts. That's all I remember. Strangely,  the interior looks more like a cruiser.
That's about it. The show was much more extensive than these two posts indicate; I have more pictures, but this will do. Hopefully there will be a followup in a year or so, which is really nice. These shows are really a great way to see what's hot (and what's not) on the virtual sailing scene.

PS: Check for more boat shows at Tradewinds here...

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