Friday, January 6, 2012


Sometimes virtual life is about cruising, sometimes it's about racing, and sometimes it is about relaxing, getting a break from a stressed workday. Yesterday, I visited Samlara in Eden, and after that I explored a bit and found this place:
The North Sea
It's the North Sea out there. Nice view huh? After a while a couple came out on deck of that boat. They danced for a few minutes. Couldn't hear the music. Then they sailed off in a cloud of smoke and pure peace and harmony was restored.
Ahh... Maximize the picture to get the full Zen-effect. Can you feel it? The island whispering come, explore. The lighthouse out there saying "come see what's beyond!"... Have a great weekend.

More spectacular views from the North Sea.


  1. Nope. No Coronas. I always spell those with an s at the end :-D Couldn't bring my own, as I was sailing my 2.4mR. No space for beers. I know... wrong type of boat.


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