Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More seaplanes

There's nothing like a quiet morning at Tradewinds, watching the sun come up. Talk about stress-relief.
There's even more planes now. The backyard is now full of planes too. They're all over - all the way to Balduins boat yard.
The backyard
The north end is also almost full of aquaplanes and seacopters. Overall I counted more than fifty fantastic flying sea planes.
North end
While I was counting, - an old friend popped out of nowhere. It was Steavano Angel. I told him about my heli and before I knew it, he put me in the drivers seat of this:
Steavano's heli
That was fun. It's actually a little easier to fly than my new heli. Turns out Steavano is a boy with many toys, so we also went for a ride in this lil thing here:
It's a Drusilla Saunders C-90 King Air. This plane is much more like a simulator. Not only does it come with passenger seats in the cabin and a copilot seat in the cockpit. The amount of tiny details is massive. It also has an impressive dashboard, and there's a hud with like a million controls.
Air Tradewinds
If you are into flying, you can catch a glimpse of the cockpit gizmoes, dials and instruments in last picture of this post. Thanx for flying with Air Tradewinds, and now back to sailing.

PS: I'd really wanna try a glider. RL as well as SL. I wonder if I can find one.
PPS: And how about iceboating?

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