Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A North Sea hors d'oeuvre

So what's out there? Water! Lots of it, - and islands. So many islands. I can't show you the entire North Sea. That would take hundreds of photos. Instead, I'll show you a few shots to tickle your imagination. Call it a starter, antipasti, hors d'oeuvre... In one of the corners of the North Sea we find the Mango Marina. Lets have a look...
The ambience
It is the perfect place to go, if you need a shot of that marina ambiance, and it is the perfect place to launch your favourite boat and go for a cruise. The marina ambiance is definately there. Just click the image above, lean back, take a deep breath and you can almost feel the salty air on your skin.
The clubhouse
It is a beautiful marina. There are a million things to look at or do. It has (of course) mooring, - a clubhouse, a lighthouse, a lounging area, a small theater, a tennis court, a beautiful view from the tower of the clubhouse...  and a whole lot more. In fact I don't think I will be able to cover it all in this post. Go there and explore.
The view
The water? Oh, it's definately out there. Check out the view, mmmmhmmm; I can feel the urge to get out there just by looking at this picture. Wanna see how it looks, sailing? Ok, a few days ago I took the Cotton Blossom II for a spin from this marina. It was lovely. Pictures here in case you missed it.
The lighthouse
Not "oceanic" enough for you? Ok, then check the pictures from my cruise in the LeetleCat II. Those pictures are available here. However, it's not all about cruising. There is racing too. Serious racing. To give you an idea  of what that means, check out the post about dry training in the QSM40.
The Zen
No, I am not a sun-worshipper. Ok, I'll admit I love sunshine, but the view here... It is simply breath taking. Climbing that rock for a few minutes of meditation... Yummy. What a stress reliever. Incidentally, the Cotton Blossom is right over there, "in" the palm leaves.
The Cotton Blossom II 
Not sure how many palms there are around the real North Sea. None where I go. I suppose the south coast of England has palms. It's close but it's not really the North Sea. However, a little higher temperatures would seem like an improvement to the real thing. Bikini, sunglasses and a Flying Fizz? Oh yes, let's do what Alex and Taru does. Let's get out there. See the islands.

PS: I wonder how long it would take to circumnavigate the North Sea in a Foiling Moth.

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