Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Balduins Boat Design

I sometimes wonder how they make these boats. It is not that I don't understand the principles of building. It is the fact that SL is sooo geeky when building, and yet they produce one pretty boat after another. Some of these boats are really good at hiding the geeky complexities.
Balduins Boat Design
If you ever wonder about this, go see Balduins boat yard. It is right off the west side of Tradewinds. After seing it, I am sure it is more clear, how the process works. In SL you do not need to fiddle with wood, epoxy or paint. It is all about a state of mind;
The Bolero in the back
That dude has to have poetry inside his head. This place, whilst looking like a boat design studio, still has a certain ambiance. Walk around; Have a look at the Bolero, the Cotton Blossom and the other fun projects. Balduin isn't just making sail yachts.

The place makes my heart whisper, I wanna stay just a little longer. Just to  relax and to be assimilated by the ambiance. In fact, I spontaneously looked for a coke machine or a  cocktail pusher in the corner.

Let's get out there
When you are done feeling the ambiance, you can always rez a beautiful boat and sail away. Remember to look back. It is kinda like that favourite island you visited with your parents wayyy back... It says come back... come back... I know I will. It is always exciting to see, what Balduin is building. Check out the Tradewinds blog for details on his latest... link to the right.

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  1. I just checked Noodles logbook for any news and i found this very nice post about my shipyard! Thank you very much Noodles! I'm happy you like to hang out at my shipyard and I hope many others like to visit my shipyard as well and hang out for a while. You are all very welcome!



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