Friday, August 3, 2012

Go Jonas, go Jonas

Race nine went well, now onto race ten... gogogo... It is unbearable; Hawk in the lead, still... now on to the medal race after a one day break. Phew.


  1. 2 points in it, all down to the medal race.
    Go Ben!!!!!

  2. Oh golly, if only I had a ticket for Sunday!!

    Edge of seat exciting - go Ben!!

  3. JP: Tickets for sunday sounds great :-D
    Hey you Anonymous Dude... please leave a name ok?

  4. Just call me Anonymous Dude.
    Supporting Ben, Paul, Hannah, Iain, Andrew and the whole GB sailing team, - the best in the world!!!
    Anonymous Dude.

  5. Hey. You can't be Anonymous Dude. I'm Anonymous Dude. I was Anonymous before you were Anonymous.

  6. Hey Anonymous Dude, well perhaps Noodle was talking to you in post 3.
    Anonymous Dude, - Not the other Anonymous Dude.

  7. GOLD!!!!
    Ben does it!!!!
    The greatest olympic sailor ever!!!!

  8. Yes, Ainslie is the greatest olympic sailor, especially when he remains calm and does not fight with journalists, like he did at Perth, which would have been worth a 2-year ban normally ... Incredible how Jonas missed that medal race. Good recovery by Jonathan after poor first races.

  9. The Other Anonymous Dude06 August, 2012 18:06

    Come on Bea. No sour grapes. Jonas didn't "miss" the medal race. He was beaten fair and square by Ben Ainslie who is now without doubt the greatest Olympic sailor of all time.

  10. Perhaps Ben should now publish a small tome on the RRS, just to cement his status.
    Not The Other Anonymous Dude.

  11. LOL Bea... I am with you! Congrats to Ben for winning and for being the most winning Olympic sailor. However, that is not necessarily the same as being the greatest. It is not just about grapes. It is also about what you've done for sailing as a sport.

  12. Well of course Ben is the greatest Olympic sailor of all time. Perhaps he's not the greatest Olympic sailor of all time who went on to publish a small book interpreting the RRS, but he has certainly already inspired a generation as witnessed by the RYA coacing programme. Of course he may not be the greatest sailor of all time, that's probably Admiral Lord Nelson!!!!
    Not the other Anonymous Dude.

  13. No, no, no!
    The greatest olympic sailor of all times is non other than Poul Elvstrom!

    But who cares about the olympics anyway? They represent sailing like the americas cup, in a way that has not much in common with actual sailing.
    The bestest sailors you'll never find at the olympics, nor at the ac. They are doing other races in other classes, maybe they are racing their old folkebad right now or trying to get the best speed out of their family cruiser/racer on some transatlantic race.

  14. By that argument, I'm the greatest 100m runner of all time!!
    Not The Other Anonymous Dude


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