Saturday, April 9, 2011

Skipjack launched

I was lucky to login right before the launch of the the latest release from ReneMarine, the Skipjack. The Skipjack is not a fancy modern race boat, and that is why it deserves a little attention. In RL everybody gathers around the latest and greatest speedmonsters. In SL there is room for other boat types too, and that's really beautiful.
People admiring the Skipjack. Jake preparing the music.
Above you see us admiring the Skipjack, whilst Jake is preparing the music for the party. Jakes record collection is fantastic, but today he played something rather weird. It had a familiar sound or something, but I could not quite place it. Sounded like a cross between that Convoy Rubber-duck title song and Cotton-eyed-Joe or something... very strange... until they went "We don't need no eduction". Some cover-version :-D
Taking a closer look
Here we are, taking a closer look; Jet in the grey sweater is the proud presenter of the boat. It comes with a cooler for beers, room for four to six people cruising and fishing, an engine for motoring around, and it has the beautiful RM8 sailing engine; Probably one of the most dynamic sailing engines in SL. It is very responsive, and the boat reacts very swiftly to both your steering and trimming as well as windshifts and gusts.
About to set sail south of Tradewinds.
Jet promised us a testride, so here we are motoring around south of Tradewinds. You'll reckognize the lighthouse in the back. After a while we returned to the Marina, where Jake spun some of those old Disco Inferno things... there was no escape. I ended up dancing the night away. I will have to get a boat with that RM8 Sailing engine. It is soo..... alive.

Many more detailed photos from the event at Tradewinds, see link to the right side; Much more on the Skipjack including beautiful sailing shots at ReneMarine, - again link on the right side.

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