Friday, March 11, 2011

Winter wonderland

Someone asked me, why I am sailing in SL. Actually that's really easy to answer. Now, I promised myself to keep this blog clean and not post RL images, but for once I will make an exception. This is my world during winter:
Beware of the killer penguins!
OMFG. It looks like Greenland. Even if I had an ice-boat, I'd be scared of meeting a bunch of killer-penguins on a field trip. I know, - they live on the southpole, and I am in Europe, but you never know... Anyway, instead of getting a depression from looking over the sea, I can go here:
Nice and warm afternoon in "Coconut Islands"; Beautiful too, - and thats not all; You can't see, what you can't hear. Seagulls, waves, wind; Sometimes dolphins and whales will pop up for air. So... why not hop aboard and do this:
... sail!
Ahhh, - that feels great. It's not the real thing, but the sceneries are definately worth it. Some of the boats are worth it, and sometimes there is even a race that's worth it; Besides that, there's a bunch of sweet people  doing the same thing. Many of these hang at Tradewinds Yacht Club. See ya there...

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