Saturday, March 5, 2011

One World Cup Finals

The One World Cup is coming to and end. The finals are today - in less a half hour. At 1700 CET. Be there or be square. I am on team SVC-472, and we're sailing today.
Last minute peptalk.

We are five on the team. Liv, Momomos, Bunta, Nobuko and myself. Today Momomos and Bunta represent us. Above, we are in Momomos boat going over the last details before the finals. 
The four courses used in the final.

Four races will be sailed. Each with a different course; They are shown here. If you need them in more detail, then go to metaverse sailing; Link in the link-list.
Result of the One World quals.
The results of the qualification rounds are amazing. Four teams made it through the quals with perfect score. It is going to be very exciting to see who comes out on top. Woots to Jane and everybody else involved in making all this happen.

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