Thursday, March 3, 2011

Virtual RC sailing

Virtual radio controlled sailing? LOL, - or is it OMFG? I thought I had seen many things in SL. Then along comes Eta; She takes Beccas boat, shrinks it to modelsize, adds RC controls and boom - there is a whole new thing going down...
RC sailing at Tradewinds. Yes, it is a wing-cat on the right.
It is not the same thing as RC in RL. I tried a Seawind; I have friends sailing those; I also tried a IOM; It is a ton of fun. However, it is great fun to do RC sailing in SL as well... even though it strikes me as completely insane.
Shhhh... full concentration during start.
I guess you could say the difference between sailing and RC sailing is about the same in SL as it is in RL. RC sailing is cheaper, simpler and more informal. There are a few advantages in SL; You do not have to worry about batteries and frequencies, and the boat is always waterproof, so no breakdowns due to water in the receiver.
Full racetrack available at Tradewinds.
Another advantage in SL is the ability to place a platform  anywhere u need; That gives the sailors perfect overview of the track, and there is no need to run around to see you boat. I gotta say, I prefer the real thing, but if you always dreamt of RC sailing, this is a really affordable way to try it. A complete RC boat is less than a cop of coffee :-) Get it at Tradewinds.

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