Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It's gonna be summer time some time soon. Actually, any day now. Boat packed and ready to go; Just waiting for the weather. I won't be seeing any palms this year. At least not while sailing in RL. Those palmy beaches are too far away. Maybe next year. It's no surprise how RL can inspire SL. The reverse is also possible: A few days back I found this spot...
I kinda like this pic. It is almost artsy. 
Now I wanna sail there for real! So - does anyone know, where to find a spot like this in RL? It has to be within reach of a 14 days charter boat trip, - not in the middle of the ocean with 20 days of sailing. Croatia,  Italy, Crethe, - or maybe the West Indies?


  1. According to the Calendar summer in the northern hemisphere has started on the 21st, so YAY!

    I have fond memories of Greece as a sailing destination, preferred it much over Sardinia/Corcica. Island hopping in the cyclades was great! Every day a different island. Also sailing down the Peloponnese is cute. Crete I visited at a later time, wasn't too impressed with it.

  2. Every day a different island... Sounds just right.


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