Saturday, November 10, 2012

Yet another new boat

It was a beautiful morning at Tradewinds YC. I went for a walk at the piers, when something caught my attention. It was... a sound. A beautiful mooring sound. You know... those splashy smacky sounds  when small waves hit a hull. Just wonderful. Strange how so few boats have a mooring sound.
A beautiful morning at Tradewinds YC
So where is it? Right behind me is my all time favourite, The Flying Fizz. It is probably still the reference for virtual sailing in SL. Further behind me to the left is the Oceanic, and that other one is the beautiful Ktaba 20. I hear there is an update lurking somewhere in the shadows of the virtual oceans...
The Sha: Type Zero
So here it is. It is called the Sha: Type Zero. It is a little different from most modern boats; It has low sides. (What's the english term?). Most modern boats have incredibly high sides to make room for accommodation. This one does away with that, and that makes it look like a lean sailing machine. My first thought was Kjaerulff's Dynamic 35. (Is there an english site somewhere?).
Modern shape
Seen from the top, the type Zero reveals a pretty modern shape. Kinda like a sized down VO65 or something. The mast is suitably tall, but strangely it only features one set of spreaders. A modern 33 footer with 12 meters of mast would probably have two sets. Not a big issue; Many popular RL ten meters have only one set anyways.
The features? I haven't sailed it yet, but it comes with a BWind sail engine; Very keelerish, and probably really good for this type of boat. Other features? I found this sign here on the pier next to the boat. Looks like a good daycruiser with room for a couple of friends.
Keel design of the 70ies
Here's another feature: The keel design looks a littlebit antique. Kinda like something from the 70-ies or sum-ding. How can that be a feature? From my adventure with the Nautilus I learned that the Blake Sea is really shallow. This design is able to sail almost anywhere in the virtual waters without running aground.
A peek inside
Despite the low cabin, there is actually something inside the boat. A couple of berths and two cupboards; Nicely designed too. Same style as the cockpit seats, and they are very comfy; Almost like a couch. Never seen this on a real boat, but it is a great idea, though perhaps not very suited for racing. Another cruising gadget is the instrument on the starboard side of the cockpit. It's not a compas, nor is it  a log or GPS. Instead, it is a Kenwood CD player. I suppose I could connect my iPod to the USB port, but it will be flooded first time a wave hits the bow.

There's a couple of other things... the boom looks a little long, the jib is designed as a storm-jib; Oh, and the ladder seems to be permanently in the water. Another thing is the extra set of winches mounted on the fore deck. However, this looks like a pretty decent build, and for a first - as the sign claims... Woots to the builder Shaaun Tamerlane. Shaaun, if you read this, I hope you'll let me sail her sometime. Peace out...


  1. Woah, how I hate these kind of boats in SL. Super builds, pretty and all, probably took ages to model that thing ... but they couldn't be bothered spending like, say, 10 minutes to study actual boat design. It's like Motor Loon's first boat, all of Juli Gothly's boats or that frakking thing we once received as a premium gift for premium residents.
    And now we can't use it anyway since LL broke the mesh :(

    1. While I agree some boatbuilders need to study real boats, I also think this one is a pretty well done first; Oh, and it is completely no-mesh, so it'll work regardless of Lindens latest bug-additions, hehe.

    2. I sorry Orca if my build not realistic. yes, must be learning more, must be more study the actual boat design... Its true. more than 10 min :) (maybe 11 :D - ok its a joke)
      Yes, I making some big mistake in this boat, maybe the next is better... i know little unrealistic some things in this boat, but I think the reason: some peoples first boat not real based, dream based. The first boat build reason: What I want but dont find in SL. Example size, function, style, proportion, etc... And possible this things not compatible with rl boat design, but we enjoying, example the neko, or furry etc. avatar not compatible with rl, but this is the sl magic, you can leave the rl live limits :)
      I sorry if you hate my, and Motor Loon, and others happiness, but we not hate yours...

    3. Thank you this post, Im happy :)
      This is very good post, I try fixing somethings in my boats :)


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