Friday, June 15, 2012

It's friday

Finally friday. What am I to do? The RL weather isn't excactly fantastic. What to do, what to do? Maybe just spend some time unwinding?
The unwinding
Hmm. Booring. Then what? I guess I could use some excersize; Let's call it warmup. It's summer, but it's still  so cold I need to warm up. I bet all you office people out there could do with a little excersize too; No need to do a marathon, but standing in the rain, lifting buckets of cold water is so much like sheeting in and out, hehe. It has to be cold; Lift it ten times and pour it over your head to get that sailing sensation...
The excersize
No? Then, maybe some meditation. Ready? Sit and ask yourself: Do I sail enough; Repeat that a hundred times. Like a mantra. Yes, a hundred... Close your eyes; See that dream boat chopping through those waves! See that island in the distance... Go on... I'll wait and do likewise: Do I sail enough, do I sail enough, do I sail enough... 

The meditate
You're back? That was fast. Did you do a hundred? Next up is a stretch... The doctor always recommends stretching. Take a good, long one, and clear your mind. It might help if you imagine you're sitting in my chair here, looking at the ocean...
Stretch and relax
When you're done, you should feel totally relaxed and ready to answer the question you just meditated over. I know what my answer is. Well, I kinda knew that beforehand. What's yours? Feel ready for the weekend? Know what you wanna do? Know what you must do?
The water
It's got to do with water, right? Lots of water. Not water from above. The other kind of water. Not the grey, cold stuff with penguins. Oh no! It's about the blue water, or even better: The turquise water. That's what we like. Champagne conditions...
The necklace
Shooting the turquise water shot, made me remember something from my todo list. I kinda promised JP a picture with water, palms and a necklace; In the comments. In this post here; So, - here it is. JP. I hope you like it.
The yeah!
Have a great sailing weekend. I know I will... one way or another...


  1. What a great post to read on this "mixed weather" weekend.
    Hope to be out there on foils on the more grey liquid tomorrow.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Thanx Fred; Stil very grey and humid here... so indoor sailing it is.


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