Sunday, June 17, 2012

Depressed sailors haiku

Strong winds on the bay
Still inside I choose to stay
It's a rainy day 

Boats shiver and rock
Kinda like sheep in their flock
Drip says the windsock

Marina looks dead
Golfing pops up in my head
Alert flashes red

Walking home all wet
My mind made up, I am set
to take the next jet

Down south to the sun
Warm waters and sailing fun
sailor on the run



  1. Go to love year round sailing offered in the south. Coldest i've seen down here is -5 degrees C, on a cold snap that lasted 2 days with daytime temperatures at 2 degrees C. Generally it is warmer. With proper precautions, and mild winds, sailing is invigorating. Better yet, trade the apartment in for a 10 or 11 meter live-aboard, sail boat and sail south for the winter. Do the telecompute thing. The company doesn't need to know that you are sipping strawberry daqueries in the Riviera in January while you work ;).


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