For those of us dreaming of a real sailing simulation, a friendly and informal community, realistic boats and full ISAF ROW rules, I've set up the group RSSL, Real Sailing in SL. The group has no formal organisation, no power structures, no agenda, it is not a yacht club, and it does not compete with anything else I've seen inworld.

Sailing is a state of mind, a way of living. Join the inworld group to meet like minded people.

~~/|)~~~ RSSL  ~~^~~  Real Sailing in Second Life ~~(|\~~~

Real Sailing in Second Life!
Respect, humility, fairness
Full ISAF ROW rules.
Sharing, caring and helping
Teaching and learning
Reality reality reality

~~/|)~~~ RSSL  ~~^~~  Real Sailing in Second Life ~~(|\~~~

In pursuit of realism...