Friday, June 1, 2012

Between the sheets

This is not a post about Craig and me being naughty. Nor is it a post about a cocktail inspired by boatly devices or weird liquids such as the Windex. Incidentally, that is an interesting question: What would be in a drink called "Between The Sheets, sailors edition"?
Tight sheets
Anyway, here we are, - all relaxed and between the sheets. Oh, I don't mean in the sense of being physically entangled in the sheets. Let's leave that to real life sailing, hehe; The important thing is, there is a sheet. A working sheet.
Loose sheets
See the stretching? In, out... Tight sheets, loose sheets. What a pleasure. If you check the other virtual boats in SL, very few of them actually have sheets. The boom and the jib might rotate, but there's no ropes to make them do so. The Flying Fizz is the exception.
Sheets on wheels

On the KTaba 20 there's even a set of blocks, one at either end of the sheet. All we're missing now is a twofold fiddle block configuration. Not entirely sure if that's the correct english term. In any case, it is very nice.

Since it is friday, it might also be nice with a drink... How about composing a "Between The Sheets, sailors  edition" !! I suppose you'd start by gently pouring some boat-rubbing, but... then what?


  1. Come on Craig, Noodles...
    I've tested three different K-20 betas and read a dozen posts about it, but when does this boat actually launch? :-)
    Even though parents love their kids, some day they still have to push them out the door to face the cruel world and rough seas on their own. :-)
    (I think that's maybe a mixed metaphor.)

  2. LOL Jane, you are right!It is taking a while, and now it is weekend, and Craig will probably leave the boat yard alone for a few days :-D

  3. Two sheets to the wind comes to mind

  4. Craig is a perfectionist, and it shows in the quality of his work. When I talked with him last week, he said the launch would be soon. I think we can expect a big splash.

  5. Drum roll please... :-)
    Teleri MX is on the water!


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