Friday, March 23, 2012


Hibernation is not a button on your computer. It is a state of mind, and it doesn't take just 10 seconds (Yeah right) to wake up. Oh no. The dark times of winter makes you sleepy, slow and sometimes almost depressed. Happens to most northern people, but there is hope. Yesterday morning I took this photo...
No, it's not a lake. It is the ocean... 
Oh yes it looks nice. The sky is blue and the ice is gone. What you cannot see is that sea is still below the (freshwater) freezing point, and the air is just above. Brrr... I've done wintertraining before. In snow. It's not much fun, when you need to broom the foredeck before getting up there to gybe the spin.
Still hibernating
The second image shows boats in hibernation. It's strange to think that in one month they'll all be out there. Sailing the waves and the wind, happily racing, but right now... they don't look very happy. Obviously, hibernation is not a very hyper nation.
Enough talk about the dark and cold times of winter. Here's a picture of a happy me happily sailing my virtual rescueboat in a happy hyper hiber-dream. There's even an island with birds circling above. Woohooo!
Yes, I know... Ain't no substitute for sailing, but six months in the freezer?? Virtual sailing is The Healer!

PS: Just in case you missed the "icebergs".


  1. I have started asking my friends the question, "Is there life after sailing?" I don't get any answers. Just strange looks....

  2. Oh no..... Comment Moderation is on?

  3. Life after sailing? You got it all wrong; Life is sailing. Sailing is life. You should know. On your blog it reads: "Sailing is the Question. "Yes" is the answer!".

    And yes... I get too many silly comments that are really just ads for sunglasses, seafood restaurants and sailing shoes...

  4. Nice blog post. One of my favorites to date.
    When you are feeling blue because your boats are still hibernating, just remember in the lower latitudes, we enjoy year-round sailing. This weekend is the Frostbite Regatta at the local sailing club. Expected high today is: 70 degrees F (21 C). Granted it is unseasonalby warn this year, but last year it was 60 degrees F (15.5 C), and they call that cold! In Frebruary, my friend (the boat owner), my son and I planned a week long sailing trip. It was cut short due to work requirements, but we still went on a truncated excursion, campoing on the boat. Temperatures? Lows at 38 degrees F (3.3 C) Highs 60 degrees F (15.5 C). There is no hibernation at these latitudes, just a bunch of jaded sailors, who know nothing of the cold.
    You are welcome to join us as we 'freeze' our fingers. Of course if coming south is not in the cards, there is SL sailing.

  5. I feel for you Noodles.
    Last week we set a new high temp record.
    Was in the low 80's for 4 days straight.
    Totally crazy weather. Usually in the low 40's for mid march.
    But I'll take it hehe

  6. Lalalalala... I can't hear you, but thanx anyway :-D


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