Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend quiz

It's quiz time again. Yesterday, when I logged in to check my messages, I found the most amazing boat; It is probably the most fresh, fancy, up to date, modern design boat I have ever seen in the virtual waters of SL. Just have a look:
Probably the most modern boat I ever saw in SL
It is not very big. I'd say around 12 meters overall. Obviously a very modern design, - that includes the  keel. It is not extremely wide bodied, as can be seen on this next shot. Two steering wheels for optimum steering, sitting on the side, but... they are moderately sized and not far apart.
Two moderate size steering wheels
Now, steering wheels are not nearly as good as a tiller. Never. It is always a practical solution made to save space. Notice how bigger racing boats begin to have tillers, lately! Most 37ft family cruisers have wheels. The DS37 Matchracer - made for racing - has a tiller, and it is amazing how you can throw 37ft around with that. You can easily wipe the foredeck clean with just by moving your hand. That's called maneuvrability.
Weekend cruiser / daysailor / racer
The boat looks racy, but since it is around 12 meters, there's enough room for crucial "life support systems" down below. No detailed photos yet. It is work in progress, but what we have here is clearly a weekend cruiser disguised as a fancy day sailor, - and with a very modern shape. I like that.
Modern hull and rigging
My first thought was Micro-Wally, but no it is not. When I say it is probably the most fancy and modern virtual boat I've seen for long, it is not entirely true. There is one other, - built by a german boat builder, and it is precisely a pocket sized Wally. Never released. You might wanna search for Wally Yacht images and see some amazing boats.
What is it then?
Back on track. If this is not a Micro-Wally, then what is it? It is definately something I want to own and sail, but that's another story. Rene tells me it is made after a real boat, so here's the weekend quiz: Does anyone know the country, designer, size and name of the vessel... anyone?


  1. Yes, the 2 wheels hurt my eyes too, and when I asked Rene about those ("why o why?" I guess was my reaction) she gave me the url to the RL boat. I only remember it was french made but forgot what it was called. Typical French design, very modern, very avantgardistic, pretty at first sight but totally overdone when looking closely.
    Inside the cabin, or shall I rather say salon, it's the same. Leather upholstery, lots of stainless and glass. Very expensive and exclusive. A really pretty hull and rigg, good detail solutions but a total show-off :/

    The SL Wally was made by Anu Daviau's design partner at Berdavmarine, Karsten Beresford, and was on show at Berdav's old store. Shame he and his co-designer never finished it. Maybe we can get Anu to kick Karsten's butt in gear and finally finish that boat. Anu once made a sculptie hull for the Tetra (long after it went out of fashion) and perfected and prettyfied the Fizz hull as well, so we know she can make sailboats. They both are totally wasting their talents on those powerboats.

  2. And another thing about steering wheels: not only are they fugly but I can't see in how far they are saving cockpit space. A tiller you just fold up when you're moored and, voila, all the space in the world is at your disposal.

  3. Modelled after a Dufour?

  4. Got it: Tofinou 12 it is
    (but Noodle helped me in chat when she talked about Philippe Starck :) )

  5. Right!
    It is Latitude46 "Tofinou 12M", by Joubert and Nivelt from France.

    12m LOA

  6. Orcs, I so agree with you on wheels versus tiller. All the salespeople say: Hey it's got wheels, aint that great and it saves space too. I mean, what's next? Rear view mirror and aircon? As if I want my boat to be a car. Duh! I have stopped arguing with those ignorants. It is pointless.
    Bea, El, it is indeed a Philippe Starck design. Very french and fancy. Apparently Philippe designes just about anything from lemon squeezers over dining tables to yachts of any kind, size and price.

  7. "french and fancy"... Isn't it a tautology? :)

  8. C´mon this 2 wheel thing needs to be more properly discussed. I lately fancied a 37 "fast is fun" boat and the two wheels, placed more on the outside did a great job for me. The cockpit was fully usable by the crew which was not in danger to be wiped out of the cockpit "with just by moving your hand"

    My new boat will have a tiller but than, it is a bit smaller. Anyway, one should not argue of tiller vs wheels with RL women. If they had grown up from Opti and later moved into 470 or else, they just do not feel comfortable behind a wheel. If you take a "Lady" for a weekend cruise, she shies away from the tiller whilst she would be keen to hold the wheel. Just my 2¢.

  9. Hehe; I didn't mean hitting the crew with the tiller. I meant turning the boat so fast, you simply cannot stand on your feet.

    Wheels can be good, but tillers are just faster and more precise; Gets you closer to the grip in the water. Just imagine sailing a Moth at 30 knots with a wheel!! Oh, and you're right... I hate wheels, whereas landlubbers seem to prefer the comfyness of a car-like steering device... Eeeew :-D

  10. Fred, you're delivering our argument quite nicely: you're stating a wheel is a chick magnet, while a tiller doesn't get you bragging rights.

    But what about sailing ladies? Just because we played with an opti as kids and raced a 470 as teens doesn't make us less ladylike or attractive!

    But most yachts become less attractive with a wheel ;)

  11. Ladies,
    oh, I hate these misunderstandings due to the language barrier. Did not mean to hit the crew with the tiller. Meant to be the long tiller (not the battle stick) which is being pushed hard and someone sitting on the other side in the wrong place. You break their knees. (Hej, I am not talking small boats here)

    And Orca,
    I am not talking about you super chicks, who can sail so well and who are already so a paling and attractive just by the wind in your hair...
    You are mostly gone on "other" boats, cause you are so few only. Sometimes the lonely sailor needs someone to fill the empty space. Must leave now, maybe more on this issue later.

  12. lol Fred, yes, landlubbing girls are always in danger to end up either wet or with headaches after a sailing trip ;)

    BUT a good skipper makes sure nobody sits in the way of the tiller in the first place ... and in decent wind everybody sits in windward anyway. Sitting opposite of the tillerman serves no purpose (except maybe for a short moment to trim the backstay), ppl need to be chased away from that spot!

    I dunno, maybe just a feeling or a sense of style but boats with wheels always look awkward to me.

  13. Damned right what you say Orca, but there are a few misunderstandings within this interesting theme. And I can read that you really understand the biz of sailing. Chapeau!

    I´d always prefer a woman who loves to sit on the windward side, smoothly steering the boat on an upwind course. Thing is, I had ordered a really nice 37´carbon thingy with two wheels and it looked and felt the business. Perfect position for hiking out (sitting to windward) and steering with a wheel with only 1 turn and all ball bearings. Even the lady thought it was alright, but just from the pics. The boat never arrived, was never built as after nr 10. the yard went bankrupt taking my third (deposit). Eager to have at least a last new one for the rest of my sailing life on cruiser/racers, I now have a 31´beauty on order. With a tiller but the lady jumped ship and I am not sure if I will ever enjoy it as it had been our project. She is on a Cayenne now which of course is a boat I also much admire... A boat with a tiller. Maybe I should put up a pic of my dream 37´on my blog. Not sure.

    @ Noodle: Did you just say hi to me? Wonder how you did that, if... ;-(

  14. @Fred: What? Did I just say hi to you? Do you hear voices regularly :-D AFAIK this blog does not speak, teehee...

  15. hej, hej, it was "written" under my comment. Sorry, now I have got the answer. It is always there: Look: ""Noodle says hi and behave :-)"" your bottom line. Really sorry. Did not want to confuse anyone. Sorry if you felt attacked.

  16. No problem Fred :-) I was just wondering what you meant, - or if you perhaps thought you had met the real me.


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