Friday, June 8, 2012

Long way home

Sitting there thinking, I got inspired by those virtual VO70 boats. They are fantastic machines. Thought a littlebit about the feeling of being on board a real one:
Long Way Home III
Having buckets of icecold water thrown at your face for days and days and yet more days while eating astronaut food; Sleeping only a little at a time, in hard bunks and in a complete inferno of noise. Gaaaah... Presented with facts like this, a nice and cozy two hour inshore race sounds like a nice walk in the park. Very nice! The "Seanamagraph"? Oh well, it's not perfect, but it is...

See the virtual VO70 here. See the category for more seanamagraphs. My favourite is still the first one; The one with the virtual 2.4mR.

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