Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A new boat yard

We've been so lucky as to have both ReneMarine and Balduin Aabye's Yacht Design just around the corner from Tradewinds YC. Now, there's even more. While the Boatbuilders Show was on, the Mesh Shop landed to the NE of Tradewinds.
Looking south
Dutch from the Mesh Shop is building that VO70, and here's me onboard a VO70 in Dutch's boat yard, camera pointing south. You can just see the roof of the Tradewinds boatshed and the lighthouse in the back.
Different angle
Here we are again. Same boat, different angle. Boats are definately being built here. It all looks very modern and very marina-ish. Great fun to walk around just looking at stuff. Little details everywhere. I mean, - not just on the boats.
There's even a travelift with a VO70. Not sure where it is going, but it looks great, and you get to study the details of the underwater hull. It's clearly not just a toy boat. Eventually this will sail.
Swing keel
There's just one tiny problem... Not many virtual boat builders have experience with swing keels. In fact I am not sure I ever saw a standard boat building kit swing keel support. I saw a virtual swing keeler once, but it is so long ago. Didn't take pictures, totally forgot the details...
Tradewinds in the game
Maybe it was from the now closed Wildwind boat yard. Hmm. I guess the important thing is that Dutch is very keen on making these monsters work; I wonder if there will be some kind of race, once Dutch is done building. Incidentally, here's a VO70 in Tradewinds colours. Hehe. I better go check if there is a poster, where Liv is looking for crew...

Here's more VO70 action. Here's even more shots...


  1. Hey, as far as I know only the WW 60 & 70 had swing keels that were production boats. I have it on my 70 as well but that boat isn't for sale.

    1. Hey Q! It was probably your swing keeler I saw back then. I remember it was not quite finished. Thanx.

  2. My owns WW JMO60(IMOCA60 alike) and VOJ70(VO70) were canting keel class yachts, as well ACJ's(ACC) performs of a deep keel lever.
    That now it looks so many time ago…


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