Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Floating home

A few weeks ago, I saw a very nice floating home at Tradewinds. Actually, it was moored by the east pier of Balduin Aabyes Boat Yard. It's gone now; It was probably part of the boat show, though it really didn't look much like a boat. Still, it was not just a house on a raft.
Floating home
See? Almost a floating house with a targa top. Sort of. There's lots of stuff inside, and on the sun deck, there's a steering wheel with a dashboard, a lounge area and a bar. The only thing missing on the sun deck is a pool...
Sun deck
Inside you'll find whatever you need to support modern life. All very nicely made. The only thing missing on the inside is maybe an office with a computer and a good uplink.
The kitchen looks pretty much like a kitchen at home; It is not a galley at all. You could make any kind of food here. The bath is pretty complete too. Very detailed.
It is kinda funny to note how some people put in a fully featured bathroom. I guess it is for completeness. I like to wash of the salt after a swim; It is also nice to wash off the sand from the dunes at TYC. Other builders they seem to leave out bathrooms because - lets face it - virtual people rarely wash or brush their teeth.
Bedrooms are never left out. People may not wash, brush or pee, but they most definately log in to fall asleep. Hey listen, - I woke up after having this weird dream, and I had keyboard marks on my forehead!! Can you believe it? Hehe...
Back porch
Anyway... At the back end there's a porch. I suppose the box is filled with chairs and parasols. Stairs leading to the sun deck and the bar of course.
Nice one
So... what do you think!? My response to the salesperson would be: I like it, and I don't like it. It is nice because it feels very much like a real home, but perhaps it is a bit too much house and a bit too little boat for my taste. I like boats to be a bit more boatly, - even floating homes. As a houseboat this is no doubts a very good buy. My preferred liveaboard? It is shown in this post here. It is a boat made into a house, not a house made into a boat... see the difference?

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