Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A strange day at sea

Went out for a short sail in my latest toy, - probably one of the prettiest boats ever built in SL. Cruisers, racers and all inbetweens taken into account. Just look at those lines and curves...
The RM20
It's the RM20 from ReneMarine. The instructions are lengthy, and the boat has so many features I gotta try out before I'll even think of writing about it, and to be honest, I kinda forgot to take notes today, because...
This is what I met on my way to the Blake Sea. Running aground at high speed may lift the stern a bit, but this? This would require a speed way over normal boatspeed. This was not the only incident. A few minutes later I saw...
Dive, dive, dive
This... Very strange! Especially since my RM20 seemed to sail just fine. No glitches what so ever. Not even sim crossing problems. I scratched my head and thought ReneMarine must have done something right here; Then I headed back home, and...
There's a UFO south of Tradewinds
This one nearly hit me. I mean a flying saucer dressed up as a sailboat? Is that allowed in the Blake Sea? Where's the air traffic control when you need it?
Smooth sailing; At last :-D
The rest of the trip went pretty smooth. When I finally arrived safe and sound at Tradewinds, I realized that something new was going on. The Boatbuilders show has closed, still there's loads of boats. I am sure it will be announced on the Tradewinds website; If not, - expect pictures here. Soon.

More fantastic builds from ReneMarine here. Be sure to scroll down and check the Zeeschouw.

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