Friday, January 22, 2016

Amazing brass band

Wooohooo! Saw these dudes in Copenhagen last summer. Just realised they are all over the net. Amazing...

Thursday, December 31, 2015

So this is Christmas

Tralalalala-laaah? Well, the lyrics go: "and what have you done". Fear not... I promised myself I wasn't gonna do one of those status-posts that the news are so full of this time of year... flooded would be the right word. Nah, I just felt like playing, and there was a piano right there at Tradewinds Christmas show.
A piano
Or was it the other way round? After all the piano was there first. Anyway, I just sat there. Played a little, but mostly I just sat and thought it was a beautiful moment. Then I realized I needed to get out and see the rest of the show.
A wintery landscape
Oh what fun... Ahab must have been very busy this time. The entire Tradewinds Yacht Club is covered in snow and Christmas stuff. Oh, and there are boats too... in Christmas attire. Here's a shot from the west side with a little pond. There's a bridge right behind me, and there are little penguins skating nearby,,, So cute!
A more wintery outfit
Speaking of Christmas attire; It's kinda cold in this summery outfit. Perhaps I should change into something more Christmas-ish. Quickly, into the boatshed. Noone will see me changing behind the washing machine. Maybe use Ahabs office? It's probably warmer and more private, but it would look kinda weird if he arrives while I am sitting in his office chair. Stripped...
Santas Delivery Service
Look who's here... Parked right outside by the roof of the boathouse... It's Santa. I climbed up there, but the front seat was too narrow, so I had to sit in the back with the gifts. This is great fun. Except he was having a break. No flying today he said. Duh! And the weather was so good for flying...
Up and away
Good afternoon! This is your Captain speaking. We're off to start in a few minutes. While we wait I can tell you it is a fine day for flying. We expect nothing but smooth flying, so we'll probably arrive at the North Pole right on time. The temperature at the destination: It is freezing, but my crew will distribute hot coffee in just a few minutes. My name is Santa, and I wish you a pleasant flight...
The destination might have looked like this, but this really just is the north side of Tradewinds; It is such a pretty winter-landscape. There are more animals there... Rabbits hop around in the snow on the farther north side, where the forest is more dense.
A snowman wedding
Also, there's a snowman romance; Ehh, actually it's a snowman wedding, The text on the letter says Merry Christmas, but it does look like she is wearing a veil. I decided to stay in the background. Wouldn't wanna disturb them on the big day. It's a long hug,,, I hope they can share a hot kiss without melting.
East side
So here's little me on the east side of Tradewinds. There's another little pond here. I was gonna sit and pose, but those icy rocks were too cold to sit on. Brrrr. Note the giant snowman in the background. From here he looks kinda sweet. Up close he's a bit scary.
Lighthouse dressed up
Then the snowman by the lighthouse looks sweeter. I love this picture. Christmas trees and all the usual Tradewinds stuff plus those big beautiful snowflakes slowly drizzling all over the place. Yummy. The only thing that's missing is a tiny booth with crepe au marron and a hot cup of Vin Chaud... Cheers! 

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all the sweet people I've met the past year in this insane yet fascinating virtual world...and to all sailors regardsless of their whereabouts...

Friday, December 4, 2015

Working Boat Show

There's been a huge Working Boat Show running at Tradewinds for a few weeks or so. Haven't had much time inworld lately, but I hopped in to have a look...
Working Boat Show 2015
There are all sorts of boats - small fishing boats, ferries, gunboats and whats not. Most of them are really nice builds.
The "Ahab-view"
Here's the Ahab view - taken from the top plateau of the lighthouse. Quite crowded.
While the east side seems to be reserved for the small and medium sized vessels, the west-side holds a few larger ships such as the ferry and the container-carrier.
Checking out the details
I received an email about the show closing on the 4th of december, so today is your last chance... possibly today...

Monday, November 23, 2015

They killed her!

They killed her and chopped her into bits and pieces! It cannot have been an easy call.
See the pictures and the story here. And so the circle of life goes on... eventually the scrap may turn into another beautiful boat. Someday...

And now onto something more uplifting: I discovered a new sailing blog... New to me at least. Love it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

53.27 knots!!

Antoine Albeau does 53.27 knots! It's a new world speed record!! Woohooo... See it on Youtube.
53.27 knots
And no helmet... Occasionally I see sailors on the local racetrack going 7 knots upwind and possible 11 knots downwind on a standard 32 feet keeler - wearing helmets. It's hard not to smile when they cross my wake, hehe.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Spooks at Tradewinds

Whoohooo... or is it uhuuuuu? I really dunno. It's that time of year again. Spook-time. Spooks, coffins, skeletons and all kinds of bloody outfits are everywhere... Strangely enough kids seem to love it! That goes for the playfull minds in SL as well...
Halloween at Tradewinds
Ahab has been busy again. Not long ago he had the wooden boat show running. Now, it's all about Halloween at Tradewinds. There's all sorts of boats dressed in Halloween suits. Sails and hulls. Pumpkins everywhere.
Boats dressed up
It's quite a view. Too bad we cannot do this in RL. Well, we could, but it would be rather costly. Still, some ppl dress up their boats once a year in a crazy cruise from Copenhagen to Malmø. It's called ØRC. Google it and see how Danish sailors have fun.
Pirates reported
On the east coast of Tradewinds you'll find this "beautiful" tallship, complete with pirates, spooks and a giant squid. There are ehm... things inside, so it's lotsa fun to explore. This dude here I met on the lower deck. He seemed to be in a pretty good mood all things considered...
... and a bottle of rhum
There's another pirateship on the west side. It's not quite as covered with mushrooms, seaweed and other subsea-creatures, but... there's more action onboard. That skeleton thing there kept following me and pushing me around. Sadly, I couldn't get near the chest with the goldcoins... Hmmm... I suppose the Linden Exchange won't take them anyhow.
Would that be gold? I dunno!
In the sand dunes on the North side, there are all kinds of spookyness going on. I won't mention them all as this isn't a spoiler... Suffice to say: There's loads of stuff there to explore. If you dare.
What a cozy neighbourhood
Chests, weird sounds, a couple of bloody twins, a tiny chapel, more spooks, another happy couple and whats nuts. Back at the lighthouse I came across this particularly unlucky individual. I guess he's been sailing a bit too long... Maybe he forgot to bring his ships bisquits...
Allways bring charts and food
What else.. what else... Oh, there's a cute Flying Fizz, Halloween style, hehe. Here it is.
Flying Hallowizz
This next shot is what you'll see at the east pier by the lighthouse. A cannon and a skeleton... Watching the strait. He didn't fire that cannon while I was there, but I don't think anyone sailed by; Sit and wait for someone to pass and if you click the cannon it sends out a cannonball and a grey cloud of smoke.
The rest I'll leave to you, and trust me - there's loads more. If you are looking for a spooky weekend, then drop by Tradewinds YC at Dex, and see just how spooky it can get. Yo ho ho and a really spooky weekend to you all...

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The virtual tourist...

So! I've come across the subject before: The virtual tourist. Not long ago I saw a virtual cruise ship. That was a new thing... There are beaches too, and art galleries and churches for that matter. Castles, woods, skiing and more... Even the Eiffel tower is there though I must admit the real thing is more impressive.
The virtual sun...
However, - sometimes SL is just about quietness or "stretching" the mind after a hefty day at the office. This time I just needed some sun. The RL is nearing winter. Ok, so we're just over halfway through fall but... Yesterday morning my car was covered in ice. Brrrr.
... is a soulsaver
That's when SL is such a cure. Just login and you can have whichever weather and time of year you like. Sunshine, ocean and birds or winter and snow and silence. Whatever mood you're in there's somewhere nice and soothing. Isn't that just wonderfull?
Sitting at the dock...
I never even knew this place. Just searched for beaches et voila there it was... all I had to do was to click "teleport". Now, that would be a nice feature to have in real life. Wake up on Coconut Island, go skiing in the morning and sailing in the afternoon. Woohooo. After a while I found a pier. I think I'll be going back there to figure out if those waters are sailable.

More unboatly posts here.