Friday, June 24, 2016

Whats' that sail up front?

This morning I found a strange picture in my mail... It's very much about sailtrim and how you help guests and newbies to find their way around the boat.
Labels are always helpful
I suspect these labels here were made by a couple of witty teenagers. Question is: Are all these hauls really for the fock? Have a great weekend out there.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

An old friend

I am not always out sailing new boats. A few days ago I saw someone sailing a Tako. That's a rare sight. I suppose u never forget ur first love. The Tako wasn't mine, but...
Downwind, great balance
Seeing the Tako made me browse my memory for elderly boats. The first one that came to mind was the QSM40 from Qyv. One of the absolute first boats with curved sails. Then I came to think of the Bolero; Made by Balduin Aabye. The Bolero took a step into the future with telltails and swim animations. Very nice.
Island hopping
I loved sailing the Leetle Cat II round the North Sea. Very nice little boat. Cute too. It's probably one of Trudeaus cutest. Speaking of cute Qyv has made a few of those... The Q2M is such a sweet lil daycruiser, but the tiniest of the cutest boat still is the Q2mR.
Coastal upwind
What else was there in the old days?? Ahh, the Trudeau-One... Very nice boat. Also has a few anims and poses. Looks great too. Another great little thing was the Racing Laser by Becca. It kinda never really took off. Perhaps it was too easy to sail. Still it was a nice little beginners boat.
Looking for open waters
Then there was the virtual Moth... Oh what fun. Not an entirely finished project, but a fantastic build at the time. The Moth was sort of the opposite of the Cutter from ReneMarine. Another very nice looking boat. Beccas Baby Sloop sorta ended trip down memory lane; It was extremely popular at the time. Still a decent sail for a beginner. However, I want more action, so I launched another old friend and sailed around Pslande with a new friend. So much fun with virtual boats...

Monday, June 20, 2016

Exotic Boats Show

Some quest Ahab is on here... Coming up this summer: Exotic Boats Show! Can't wait to see it...
Exotic boats 
Today everything has giant code zeros, bow spirits and foils; If you see a boat without foils you can be sure it will have a swing keel and plane on an upwind in 6 meters per sec. So Houston we have a probem: When foiling is so yesterday, what's an exotic boat these days?

Friday, June 17, 2016

Pirate Bay?

Here's a little something for the boys... Went sailing in the Ushuaia with a friend. Had a great trip down south-east; Nice steady wind and an almost clear blue sky.
Watch those reefs
After crossing the Blake Sea we wanted to have a break and test the anchor; See if it holds. Found a beautiful mooring spot. Just as we had dropped the anchor, we spotted yet another beautiful bay that needed exploring, so anchor up...
See that bay over there?
... engine on. As we approached we realized that someone was already there. At least some boat was there. Noone was around though, so we dared to moor and have a look around.
Moored in ...
Turns out the island was a pretty little paradise. Beautiful garden and views plus a nice house. Dunno who lives there, but that little boat sorta inspired us to call the place...
Pirate Bay
Pirate Bay! Never saw a pirate look like that. There's pirates several places in SL waters. The classic ones. Not the ones in high powered ribs roaring the east coast of Africa. Anyway, I got the feeling that my companion wouldn't mind meeting one of those... Have a great weekend...

PS: The mooring was kinda working but not working. More on that in another post.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A little fishing boat

Was just out sailing; Nice trip with Daniel around the Blake Sea SE areas. When we came back I noticed this little fishing boat. Nicely moored on the west pier:
A little fishing boat
I don't think I ever saw it before. In fact fishing boats are rare in SL. It's probably because there's not a lot to catch. We do have fish though. Usually they're found around diving spots, so they aren't really meant to be caught... Anyway, the builder is pretty well known. It's Carbon Philter. I wonder if the smoke coming out of the excaust has been well filtered... Check it out while it is still moored at Tradewinds YC.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Weekend quiz

I've seen quite a few creative boat names, and I must say that Second Life Sailors are just as creative as First Life Sailors. Here's three names I've seen in both worlds: "Second Wife", "Too Slow" and "Anadyomene". However, an old friend emailed me this, and it takes the name game just a step further...
An original boat name
And here's the quiz: What's it say? There's a bonus question for the Second Life Sailors: Where was the picture taken. Guessing the boat type is too easy, so no quiz there! Have a great weekend...

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Just a shot from a bit of cruising. Sailed around Blake with Craig, and we stopped by the old greenhouse. It's an ancient but still fantastic little island. Yes, it's the Ushuaia in the back. When I was about to leave for Tradewinds - this view was just so much of a Kodak-moment I had to shoot it; If that expression still exists... Kodak...
A truly fantastic location.
Someone once brought me to see the greenhouse - many years ago, wayyy back when I was brand new to SL. Sadly I don't remember his name, and I also have no pics from the trip. It was before I started blogging and all... As far as I remember it, it seems pretty much unchanged since then. Which makes it even more fantastic.