Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Girls like flowers

I suppose everybody knows statistics can't be trusted. Mark Twain certainly knew. I usually put statistics in yet another category: Booring. A blog changes that. The visitor statistics show all kinds of useless and untrustworthy information about the visitors, but there is also bits and pieces that can be fun.
The stats show what people have searched for in order to get here. Yesterday a bunch of people landed here on my little blog from google by searching for "do girls like virtual flowers". Can you believe it? What kinda question is that... I mean flowers are flowers; I thought I'd try to answer the question with a simple post.
A little greenhouse
You are looking at it. I set out to find some nice and natural looking flowery spots suited for a picture or two. It didn't take long, but then I kinda knew where I was going before I left.
Lotsa flowers
There's quite a few pretty spots in this virtual world. Virtual sailing is great, but where would it be without all the other people; Those who create islands, villages, marinas, boat yards, skyscrapers and gardens? Sailing isn't the only thing in here. Architects and gardeners are having loads of fun too.
Even more flowers
Back to the question: The answer is - ofcourse - yes. Girls do like virtual flowers. Absolutely. Virtual girls also like real flowers and vice versa. Virtual or not they have the same effect. They touch the heart. So there's the answer for you guys out there...

Sailing the virtual waters of SL is great fun, because the boats are good, and the racing is good. But let's not forget the beautiful scenery in the Blake Sea and the North Sea. There is always a new island to explore.

PS: As usual the pics deserve full screen viewing. At least if you like flowers; More flowery shots here.

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